NTV is first automation-based private satellite TV channel in Bangladesh. It presenting news & entertainment program to the viewers. Though ETV is the first terrestrial TV channel in Bangladesh but NTV is the pioneer of private TV channel in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s leader Mohammad Mossadek Ali (Falu) is the Chairman & Managing Director of NTV. He has the ownership of RTV also. But he sold it to the Bengal Group.

NTV opens the chapter by extending its transmission of Bengali program & Bengali culture to UK, USA, Canada, some parts of Europe, Middle east and beyond. The most colorful program & the best program quality keep it compare with other satellite channels.

24/7 hours news and entertainment service increases its popularity to the viewers. For its better change NTV uses high quality technology. This channel has a lot technical staff and journalist. Though its owner is politician but their news is totally biased-less.

With the committed to the need of the time & to highlight problems & prospects of Bangladeshi society NTV made of formers presence in the domain of broadcast media on the 3rd July 2003. After starting till today it is the most popular visual media in Bangladesh and Bengali community all over the world. ‘Close Up 1’ is one of the most popular program of this TV station. This program invented a lot of hidden talents of music world.