The Daily Kaler Kantho is one of the most popular Bengali daily newspaper in Bangladesh. For rich content and presentation it won the hearts of millions of readers through print version and web version.

This newspaper first published on 10 January 2010. It was founded by Abed Khan. Mr. Khan, also acted as its first editor. From June 2011, famous writer Imdadul Haq Milon is the editor of Kaler Kantho. The owner of Kaler Kantho is East-West media group.

Bashundhara Group is expanding its business in various sectors started from real estate sector to steel industry. In 2009, they started a new enterprise, East West Media Group Ltd. It now owns four big media houses of Bangladesh.

The Daily Kaler Kantho is one of them. It publish from Bashundhara residential area of Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to WikiPedia: ‘In 2010, Its first three months of publication, the daily print run was going over 2,80,000 copies, and had made it the second-most circulated daily newspaper in Bangladesh.

There are many feature pages in Kaler Kantho, including A2Z, Campus, Ronger Mela, ShilaLipy, TinTin ToonToon etc. Kaler Kantho has e Paper also.

Till 4th may, 2014; 583457 people like Daily Kaler Kantho page in Facebook. According to Alexa ranking Kaler Kantho is in 12th in bangladesh, 3,384 in worldwide & bounce rate is 34.30%.

Beside that 97.5% reader read it through internet from Bangladesh. This main paper contains 20 broadsheet pages daily. But Bangladesh Press Council has declared false and fabricated the daily Kaler Kantho reports about Prothom Alo’s Editor Matiur Rahman being involved in the August 21, 2004 grenade attack. ‘Kaler Kantho’ is Bengali word. It means ‘Voice of Time’.


Kaler Kantho is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. It is an enterprise of East-West Media Group, a sister concern of Bangladesh’s leading business conglomerate Bashundhara Group. The same group owns Bangladesh Pratidin, Daily Sun, News24, Radio Capital and Banglanews24. Wikipedia


সম্পাদক : শাহেদ মুহাম্মদ আলী, ইস্ট ওয়েস্ট মিডিয়া গ্রুপ লিমিটেডের পক্ষে ময়নাল হোসেন চৌধুরী কর্তৃক প্রধান কার্যালয় : প্লট-৩৭১/এ, ব্লক-ডি, বসুন্ধরা, বারিধারা থেকে প্রকাশিত এবং প্লট-সি/৫২, ব্লক-কে, বসুন্ধরা, খিলক্ষেত, বাড্ডা, ঢাকা-১২২৯ ও সুপ্রভাত মিডিয়া লিমিটেড ৪ সিডিএ বাণিজ্যিক এলাকা, মোমিন রোড, চট্টগ্রাম-৪০০০ ও কালিবালা দ্বিতীয় বাইপাস রোড, বগুড়া থেকে মুদ্রিত। পিএবিএক্স : ০৯৬১২১২০০০০, ৮৪৩২৩৭২-৭৫, বার্তা বিভাগ ফ্যাক্স : ৮৪৩২৩৬৮-৬৯, বিজ্ঞাপন ফোন : ৮৪৩২০৪৮, বিজ্ঞাপন ফ্যাক্স : ৮৪৩২০৪৭, সার্কুলেশন : ৮৪৩২৩৭৬। E-mail : info@kalerkantho.com

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