Daily Ittefaq, one of the pioneer of print media production in Bangladesh. The Daily Ittefaq is Bangladesh’s most established Bengali daily paper moreover. It is a well known Bengali Newspaper. It established in 24th December 1953.

Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mia was its organizer and the manager around then. Presently his child, Anwar Hossain Manju is its distributer. Mr. Manju is additionally individual from current bureau as of eleventh May 2014. He is as of now clergyman for the earth and timberlands service.

It’s distributed by Ittefaq Group of Publications Ltd. The acting editorial manager of Ittefaq is Tasmima Hossain and Advisory proofreader is Habibur Rahman Milon. It has online English form likewise; that is Ittefaq is a standout amongst the most circled daily paper.

It’s Mission is to bring driving news from Bangladesh, and around the globe to the perusers. Starting 2014, the dissemination of Ittefaq is around 1,50,000. It’s head-office is 40 Karwanbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This daily paper has e paper too. You can visit this page to get insights about their epaper production.

Its component page is excessively well known. This daily paper assumed a key part in the freedom development of Bangladesh serving as the mouthpiece of the general population making progress toward self-rule from that point West Pakistan.

The Ittefaq’s office was burned to the ground and totally obliterated on March 25, 1971 by Pakistani Army. 6,43,437 individuals likes Ittefaq in Facebook till eleventh May 2014. By, Daily Ittefaq is in number is 43 in Bangladesh, Global positioning is 8,745.